Breath-taking sunsets on board with fantastic cocktails

Upon request, the Glassbottom Discovery Yacht departs from Platys Gialos for a Sunset / Nightfall Cruise. On the open sea between Delos Island and Little Venice and its famous Windmills you can gaze at the picturesque view of the setting sun.

Departing from Platys Gialos, the Glassbottom Discovery Yacht makes a parallel journey along the coast, approaching Psarrou and Ornos beaches, then on to Prasonisi and the open sea around ancient Delos, in the Agios Giannis area.

When we arrive at Little Venice and its famous Windmills, right before the sunset, just be ready to take in the picturesque view. Wake up your senses and enjoy the spectacular atmosphere!

At Little Venice, with its trademark, Windmills, in the background, feel the magic of the moment as the sun slowly fades away and gives way to the upcoming aura of Mykonos Mykonos’s fantastic nightlife. The lights will be on the Glassbottom Discovery Yacht as you cruise very close to the cosmopolitan beaches in the south of the island, like Psarrou, Paraga or Paradise.

Please note that if the weather conditions are not in our favor we may as well enjoy a Sunset / Nightfall Cruise at the South Coast of Mykonos, while feeling the vibes of the always vivid Mykonian beaches. The scenery will be equally breath-taking and the experience will remain unforgettable.

    • Departure from Platys Gialos Port

    • View the Mykonian Sunset on board while capturing the view of Delos Island

    • While drinking cocktails, cruise along Little Venice and take pictures with the Windmills as background

    • As the night grows, more cocktails are served in what becomes a happy party scenery

    • The journey ends up in Platys Gialos